Custom Fiberglass Products Inc.

Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. warrants to the original retail purchases of each new Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. boat that under normal use the hull will be free from structural defects for a period of five years from the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser when purchased through an authorized Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. dealer. Any structural defects covered by the warranty will be repaired free of charge at either the Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. factory in Bailey, North Carolina, or at an authorized Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. dealer location as elected by Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. Transportation to and from the point of repair will be the responsibility of the owner with all repairs subject to prior written authorization by Custom Fiberglass Products Inc.. NO BOAT IS TO BE SENT TO CUSTOM FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS FACTORY WITHOUT SUCH WRITTEN AUTHORITY.

This warranty specifically does not include the following:
1. Damage caused by abuse, negligence, vandalism, lack of maintenance, improper storage, accident, improper trailering, or natural disaster.
2. Any statements, representations, or warranties given by dealer or other third persons other than those provided within this warranty.
3. Any unit which is part of a rental fleet, used for racing, altered or modified.
4. The following consequential damages: a) loss of time, b) inconvenience c) towing charges d) expenses for travel, lodging, telephone, and gasoline, e) loss or damage to personal property or loss of revenue, f) loss of use or the boat
5. This warranty specifically does not apply to engines, outdrives, propellers, controls, mechanical steering, pumps, cracking, gel coat crazing, gel coat blistering or fading, chrome, windshields, glass breakage, all vinyl upholstery and canvas, instruments and gauges, and leakage around windshields, windows, hatches, and other apertures.
6. Any boat which has been overpowered or overloaded according the maximum US Coast Guard and Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. recommended engine horsepower specifications on the capacity plate affixed to the boat.
7. Any product not manufactured by Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. These products would be covered by their own manufacturer’s warranty of such parts.
8. Purchaser agrees that the boat described below is of special design owned exclusively by Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. Purchaser shall not allow any other person to and shall not himself, copy said design, take a mold from, or in any manner attempt to use same in any way whatsoever, for any purpose, without prior consent of Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. Purchaser agrees that violating the terms of this provision shall be prima facie evidence of Purchaser’s malicious, willful and flagrant appropriation of Custom Fiberglass Products Inc. property to his own use or to that of another person or entity not entitled thereto.

Please download and complete the full warranty agreement and fax to 252-235-3650 or email to info@chawkboats.net

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